Meet the Query Crew

Once upon a time, three friends started a podcast based on a concept one of them stole from another show. Actually, "inspired by" another show is more accurate. After noticing the wealth of fan theory content on the internet (mostly Reddit), Lara, Spencer, and Michael decided it would be super fun to record their discussions of these internet fan theories and share their queries and analyses with the world. Movie and television fans can be passionate... and rabid. But they can also be super creative! The Query Crew is happy to help other fans discover intriguing and thought-provoking "what-ifs" about their favorite intellectual properties. Also, sometimes it's just fun to imagine that the Scooby-Doo gang are con artists and that Captain America poops more than the average superhero.

Lara Williams

Lara has usually felt like the nerdiest person in any of her friend groups. Now that she’s hanging out in the Query Crew, she feels much more normal by comparison. Lara is an actor, mother, and when she isn’t handling the social media interactions for the Crew, she’s watching true crime videos on YouTube and earning the Boxer medal in Halo Infinite.

Spencer Williams
Co-host/Executive Producer

Though in his mid-thirties, Spencer is still very much a child. Therefore, he gets along incredibly well with his two daughters, though that does bring the total number of children Lara must raise to three. Spencer loves Legos, board games, video games, and toys. Oh, and when he does have to work, his skills include writing, videography, photography, and general content creation. And, he likes making people laugh.

Michael Sewell

Michael likes to watch movies. Michael likes to make movies. Michael likes to talk about movies. Michael is a film student set to graduate later this year. In addition to what he's learned in school, his film knowledge comes from the wealth of selections in his 600+ movie collection. When he's not watching movies, he's either doing photography, videography, travelling, reading, playing board games, eating good food, or playing Halo Infinite with Spencer and Lara.